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We're able to achieve 5-8 day shipping from our fulfillment center in China. This allows businesses to save on bulk shipping their products and reduce their cash conversion cycle with a shorter production-to-ship time.

Reimagining the Brand

MSTQ founder and principal product designer Yazin Akkawi discusses why he has moved away from demographics and toward a five-factor OCEAN model to build more accurate and useful buyer personas, and how user-centric design can enhance the entire customer journey.

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Full Transcript:
Announcer: You’re listening to The Kula Ring, a podcast made for manufacturing marketers. Here are Carman Pirie and Jeff White.

Jeff White: Welcome to The Kula Ring, a podcast for manufacturing marketers, brought to you by Kula Partners, an agency made for manufacturers. My name is Jeff White, and I’m the co-founder of Kula Partners. Joining me today is Carman Pirie. Carman, how are you doing today, sir?

Carman Pirie: I am doing well, sir. And you?

Jeff White: I’m doing great. Yeah. No, it’s-

Carman Pirie: Nice. Okay. I think today’s show is… I hesitate to say this to our listeners, because maybe they’ll all stop listening, but I think it’s gonna be kind of a good episode for marketing geeks, you know? Like the kind of people that think maybe a little too hard about this stuff sometimes, then it might be just about right.

How to steal like a designer and
boost creativity

Let’s be honest: creativity is a nebulous landscape. With the evolution of digital technologies, we’re now exposed to other people’s opinions, ideas, and work on an almost minute-by-minute basis.

But here’s the thing: humans can’t have new ideas without prior sensory input. It’s not me; it’s science, and it’s how our brains work.

Projects that prove our determination for success!

Projects that prove our determination for success!